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The Mighty Orange River

The Mighty Orange River (Afrikaans/Dutch: Oranjerivier), Gariep River, Groote River or Senqu River is the longest river in South Africa. It rises in the Drakensberg mountains in Lesotho, flowing westwards through South Africa to the Atlantic Ocean.

The river forms part of the international borders between South Africa and Namibia and between South Africa and Lesotho, as well as several provincial borders within South Africa.

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Kalahari-Oranje Museum

The Kalahari-Oranje Museum is housed in the buildings built by the Reverend Schröder in 1875 as a church and mission station. Household items dating from that age and items relating to the history of Upington and the Lower Orange River can be seen here

The museum is home to the life-sized statue of the donkey, sculptured in bronze by Hennie Potgieter. It represents the unselfish contribution made by the donkey in developing the Lower Orange River Valley during the pioneer days.

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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

One of the largest conservation areas in Africa and a jewel in the crown of South Africa’s national parks, the Kgalagadi offers visitors the chance to experience the beauty of the Kalahari where lions still roam free and the majestic oryx can be photographed against a backdrop of red dunes and sweeping grassland.

Many wildlife photographers regard a visit to the Kgalagadi as an apex experience.

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Kokerboom Food & Wine Route

The Kokerboom Food & Wine Route is part of the Green Kalahari in the Northern Cape and mostly runs next to the Orange River, including the small towns and settlements of Kanoneiland, Kenhardt, Keimoes, Friersdale, Kakamas, Marchandt, Augrabies, Riemvasmaak and the Augrabies Falls National Park.

The Kokerboom Food and Wine Route is a tourism route that highlights some of the attractions that can be found along this stretch of the river, including adventure activities, places to stay, eat and sights to see.

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Namaqualand Flower Season

Namaqualand is quite popular with both local and international tourists during early springtime, when for a short period this normally arid area becomes covered with a kaleidoscope of colour during the flowering season.

This is known throughout South Africa as the Namaqualand daisy season, when orange and white daisies, as well as hundreds of other flowering species, spring up from a previously barren landscape.

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Augrabies Falls National Park

Augrabies Falls National Park is a national park located around the Augrabies Falls, about 120 km west of Upington in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. It was established in 1966.

The original Khoikhoi people named the waterfall Ankoerebis, meaning the “place of big noises”.

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